Recommended Resources and Links

The following links are only provided as general reference resources, as such we cannot necessarily vouch for specific content these sites may contain.

For Science Writers & Readers:
Terry Devitt’s “The Why Files”
National Association of Science Writers
Association of Earth Science Editors
Council of Science Editors
Society for Technical Writing
Science Writing I’d Pay to Read

For practicing writers, writers new to English and ESL students:

Plain English Guides
ESL Wonderland
ESL Resource Center
Paul Brians’ English Errors Guide
J. Lynch’s “Getting an A on an English Paper”

For Writers & Editors:

Wisconsin Writer’s Association 
WRWA Writers’ Workshop
Preditors and Editors
Writers and Editors
Writer Beware
Northwest Editors Guild
Encomiums for Terri and GE&C’s work:

“When I was writing my Ph.D. thesis I had trouble—English is not my mother tongue. Terri was very helpful in putting my writing into correct scientific English. I was impressed by her knowledge.”

Michiko Masutani, 
NOAA / National Centers for Environmental Prediction

“GE&C did a *superb* job on my books.”

John Brandenburg, Ph.D.,
Author of “Life and Death on Mars” and “Beyond Einstein’s Unified Field”

“Terri Gregory has served as key public relations on Indie Coffee LLC’s annual community event, for six years. With mass appeal across many demographics, from UW research staff to kids, she lays the campaign groundwork. The event is as effective as it is fun.”
J.J. Kilmer,
Owner, Indie Coffee

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